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Filter Options

Integral Cast Meter Swivels
Integral threaded Meter Swivels
No Swivel
Bypass Meter Bar with valve
Meter Bar with valve
Standard Meter Bar
11 1/8" Spread
6 1/2" Spread
6" Spread
7" Spread
8 1/4" Spread
Horizontal Inlet X Horizontal Outlet
Horizontal Inlet X Vertical Outlet
Rear Center Horizontal Inlet X Vertical Outlet
Vertical Inlet X Horizontal Outlet
Vertical Inlet X Vertical Outlet

This is a general product configuration tool designed to assist and simplify the product selection process. Further information might be required in order to determine the proper A.Y. McDonald solution and one that is not represented or available within this configuration tool. Please contact our Customer Service department at 800.292.2737 for assistance.