Got a product related question? Want to place an order? Call us, fax us, or e-mail us. Through A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.’s top-notch customer service team, we ensure that you always talk with a live person, never a machine. Rest easy knowing that we have product specialists in each of our four product lines, along with websites packed full of product information and hundreds of downloadable files.

Here's our team!

Customer Service

Rob McDonald
Rob McDonald Chief Executive Officer
Scott Knapp
Scott Knapp Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer - A.Y. McDonald Industries, Inc.
Chad Huntington
Chad Huntington President
Charles (Chip) Piekenbrock
Charles (Chip) Piekenbrock Vice President of Sales
Doug McKinney
Doug McKinney Eastern Regional Sales Manager
Mike McLeod
Mike McLeod Western Regional Sales Manager
Erin Rauen
Erin Rauen Director of Customer Service
Jenny Harrington
Jenny Harrington Assistant Customer Service Manager
Angel Gaherty
Angel Gaherty Lead Customer Service Representative
Jenifer  Pickel
Jenifer Pickel Customer Service Representative
April Beesecker
April Beesecker Customer Service Representative
Sue Bevan
Sue Bevan Customer Service Representative
Stacey Gednalski
Stacey Gednalski Customer Service Representative
Teresa  Murphy
Teresa Murphy Customer Service Quote Representative
Angela Fluhr
Angela Fluhr Fulfillment Specialist
Cindy Cook
Cindy Cook Sales Order Entry
Nancy Duffy
Nancy Duffy Sales Order Entry
Haley Sparks
Haley Sparks Sales Order Entry
Sandy  Palen
Sandy Palen Sales Administrative Coordinator
Jerri Walker
Jerri Walker Sales Support Specialist

Product Management