A.Y. After Hours

The secret behind A.Y. McDonald’s superb products and services lies within the passion and devotion of our people. This includes those making the product, selling the product, buying the product, and using the product. The people in our industry are hard-working, passionate, and charismatic individuals who love sharing their own knowledge and experiences with anyone who will listen. To give them the spotlight they deserve, we’d like to introduce the first ever A.Y. McDonald podcast, called A.Y. After Hours.

A.Y. After Hours is hosted by our Director of Product Management, Doug Roush, and Innovation Product Manager, Kelly Breitbach. Season One of A.Y. After Hours will take place between October 27-December 15 and can be accessed on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcast. A new episode is posted every Wednesday over this eight-week period, leading to a total of eight episodes. Get a behind the scenes look and feel of what it’s like to work at A.Y. McDonald, along with our customers’ own personal journey and what motivates them to buy and install our products. While the common factor is A.Y. McDonald, each episode provides a fresh new perspective with each guest featured.

Are you new to the podcast world but interested in subscribing to ours? A podcast is defined as an episodic series of spoken-word digital audio files that a user can access on a personal device for easy listening. In simpler terms, it is an informal video/audio that delves in depth into certain topics and can be accessed via a desktop, tablet, phone, etc. Each episode of A.Y. After Hours is between 20-40 minutes long.

If you want to get to know your favorite water and gas provider better than ever, then sit back, relax, and enjoy adding a little A.Y. After Hours to your day! Make sure to follow A.Y. McDonald on all our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn) to be the first to know about the launch of each new podcast episode. To provide feedback or content suggestions for future episodes, please email us at AYAfterHours@aymcdonald.com.