Flooding the Industry with Innovation

Phones, electricity, transportation, the Internet. Could you imagine living without any of these? As some of the best products and concepts of all time, none of the best ideas would even be possible without innovative practices to bring them to life. By creating a solution to a problem that the consumer may not have even known they had in the first place, innovation can be useful in any industry, including utilities.

Basic amenities such as water and natural gas are viewed as necessities in the United States. As a result, the process of gaining access to such utilities has remained the same throughout the years. However, there are always ways to make the jobs of plumbers, municipalities, and utility companies easier along the way and that’s where we come in.

2016 will be known as the year that A.Y. McDonald opened its doors to the Innovation Center, which houses our new Innovation Department. By listening to our customers’ “I wish I had…” moments and identifying their most pressing challenges and pain points, we can create solutions out in the field.

A.Y.’s innovative ideas range from smaller incremental improvements to disruptive, game-changing solutions that positively impact the industries we serve. The result can be new products or services, enhancements to an existing offering, operational or process improvements, new market opportunities, and more.

The overall goal of the Innovation Center is to solve customer problems in a way that improve customers’ lives and makes their business more successful. Complete with the latest technology, expert feedback, and a team full of talented individuals, customers should prepare to be captivated by our ability to create long-term solutions like never before!

The best ideas start out as only a thought but, through innovative practices, they can become reality. After all, without the effort it took to create phones, electricity, or the Internet, you wouldn’t even be reading this right now!