Innovation Has Found A.Y. McDonald’s Meter Pit

As an alternative to housing the water meter inside of the structure, a meter pit is seen as a time saver, convenient, and comes available with a lot of options. While there are many benefits surrounding this meter housing option, there is always room for improvement. By introducing the new patent pending A.Y. McDonald 795 Series Top Adjustable Coil Pit Assembly, we have created an innovative product that the industry has been asking about for a long time!

Unlike other products on the market today with adjustments at the bottom where the pit cannot be adjusted once backfill begins, the A.Y. McDonald 795 series adjusts from the top. Comprising of our 790 Series Coil Pit but with the addition of a molded poly top onto the PVC pipe, this top provides up to 18” of adjustability after the pit has been installed, making it easier to set the top of the pit to the final grade. The 795 Series also comes compatible with the A.Y. McDonald 90L Series cast-iron and plastic flat lids. Made possible due to innovative practices, A.Y. McDonald stands by this problem solving and inventory reducing meter pit and its many functions, features, and benefits:

  • Patent pending
  • Molded poly with UV protection
  • Can be used with any 15" or 18” A.Y. McDonald riser or coil style meter pits
  • 18” top adjustable – easily adjusts up and down
  • Coils are designed to extend to maximum bury depth
  • Existing lids fit on to adjustable top


To make the new 795 Series Top Adjustable Coil Pit Assembly stand out further, A.Y. McDonald has even more to offer. For those instances where a meter pit has already been installed but not to proper grade level, our new 95 Series Top Adjustable Retrofit Kit can be easily installed onto the PVC pipe without digging the entire depth of the pit. This provides time savings, creates less inventory, and saves money.    

We know the Innovation Center has done their job when they’ve helped create a product that allows you to do more with less. By providing a solution that certain customers have been wanting for years, we can’t wait to exceed your expectations! For more information on the 795 and 95 series, make sure to fill out a contact form or call our Customer Service department at 1-800-292-2737.