Natural Gas Fast Facts

Throughout history, natural gas has held many uses; as an ingredient in the production of common products (paints, fertilizers, plastics, medicines), a fuel for vehicles, and the energy source powering appliances within a home. This nonrenewable resource is made up of carbon and hydrogen and has shown to be a staple in a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

As an energy source, natural gas is recognized as The United States’ most abundant and affordable fuel, making up almost one-fourth of all the energy used nationwide. Compared to other traditional sources, such as coal or oil, it’s plain to see why natural gas demand is on the rise. In fact, it’s all in the numbers. To better understand the efficiency, safety, convenience, etc. of this resource, below are fast facts regarding the natural gas industry as provided by the AGA (American Gas Association):

The versatility and growing demand of natural gas isn’t by accident. Not only is this fossil fuel affordable, convenient, and effective, but the efforts continually invested by the industry to create a safer and more efficient process makes natural gas the whole package. To learn even more natural gas fast facts, head on over to