Product Configuration for the Twenty-First Century

In the business to make your job easier, A.Y. McDonald experts know a thing or two about great customer service. By answering your product related questions and helping build your order, this is just one of the ways that your needs are exceeded. However, A.Y. McDonald experts aren’t available 24/7 – but the new Product Configurator is!

The launch of the new in recent years also brought with it the possibility of many more additional features and functions to come from the upgrade. One of these would include a product configurator. With this tool, customers have the ability to build a gas meter bar or submersible pump (water meter setters coming soon) that provides the solution for their application – on their time.

How does A.Y. McDonald’s product configurator work? By filling out the criteria located on, the product series or options will be narrowed down to what best fits your answers. From there, feel free to create an online order through the customer portal or contact us. The concept of this function is to give the customer more control in creating an order while also providing our expert opinion without having to even directly communicate with one of our customer service reps. Since our Customer Service department isn’t available 24/7, this tool helps us better take care of the boss – our customer –  in the most twenty-first century way.

Between digital communication such as A.Y. Alerts, A.Y. McDonald University (AYU), our customer portal, social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest), A.Y. McDonald Connection Newsletter, and blog, our knowledge is becoming more and more accessible to you. Your job can be dirty, thankless, and time consuming but someone’s got to do it. By introducing the new product configurator option to our website, we hope to relieve some of the stress from your day!