Taking a Deep Dive into the Workings of a Tank Tee

Maintaining proper water pressure is essential to any plumbing system within a home or building. While it takes many components to obtain this goal, the tank tee makes up a part of the solution. A tank tee is a multi-port fitting that is designed to connect a pressure tank to the water system. Tank tees help organize all the components surrounding pressure tanks while allowing all parts to be easily accessible.


While a simple configuration, the tank tee contains multiple connections and accessory ports. This would include the tank connection, control tapping, lateral, and drain holes. Below is a breakdown of the tank tee and what each of its parts bring to the application:

Not all tank tees are created the same. For instance, tank tees are available in a variety of different materials as certain applications require a specific material, such as stainless-steel, no-lead brass, galvanized, and PVC.  In addition, depending on the application, certain tank tee options are more ideal than others. Below are examples of common tank tee options offered in the industry:

  • Short vs. long
    • Short tank tees are used on pressure tanks with the tank connection protruding through the side of the tank’s base
    • Long tank tees are used on pressure tanks with the tank connection being either at the center or offset inside the bottom of the tank’s base
  • Union vs. Non-Union
    • Union tank tees reduce the labor involved for tank replacement. It easily disconnects the tank so that a new tank can be fitted with the tank tee leg from the old tank, set in position, and reconnected to the tank tee head by tightening the union.
    • Non-union tank tees are more economical but don’t allow for the same ease of installation that union tank tees do
  • Female vs. Male Connections
    • FNPT (Female National Pipe Thread)
    • MNPT (Male National Pipe Thread)
    • Most tank tees have both female and male threads on each end

A.Y. McDonald’s plumbing product line features a variety of no-lead brass tank tees that are certified to contain less than .25% lead by weight. Our tank tees are all rated to 125 PSI working pressure and comply to the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)/ANSI (American National Standards Institute) 372 Standard. This would include the following series options:

A.Y. McDonald tank tees also can come in a convenient tank tee package that contains additional plumbing and pump items: pressure switch, brass pipe nipple, drain valve, pressure relief valve, and pressure gauge. To learn more about tank tees and how they work, take the A.Y. McDonald University (AYU) course, call our customer service department at 1-800-292-2737, or fill out a Contact Us form on www.aymcdonald.com