Telescoping Meter Flange: Improving the Industry 1/4" at a Time

The A.Y. McDonald Innovation Center is back at it again with the introduction of our new patent pending Telescoping Meter Flange. Thanks to the retractable oval flange, an extra 1/4” of room becomes available, making meter setter installation and replacement easier than ever. The Telescoping Meter Flange comes in a 2” straight or angled FNPT x Flange ball valve option with the basic specs for the telescoping flange valves being the same as their fixed flange counterparts. Below is a list of the features and benefits that come with this new product:

  • Patent pending
  • 2” straight and angle FNPT x Flange ball valves offered. Flanges are drilled for 1 ½ and 2” meters.
  • The basic specs for the telescoping flange valves are the same as their fixed flange counterparts
  • Two EPDM O-rings seal the telescoping flange to the valve body
  • Four 304 stainless steel shoulder screws retain the flange at full extension, guide the telescoping action, and contribute to a robust design
  • 1/4” of flange retraction provides a solution for difficult flanged meter and gasket installation
  • Flip-down spacer ensures full extension of the flange when setting or inspecting meter spacing. Spacer is attached so it cannot be misplaced.

How does the Telescoping Meter Flange actually work? First, imagine you have a meter setter and a 2” meter. The spacing between the setter and the meter is tight, only allowing for one gasket to be inserted on one end while there is no room for adjustments on the other end. The Telescoping Meter Flange adds more space between the setter and meter during installation in order to make proper adjustments on both ends of the meter. This is mostly thanks to the retractable oval flange, allowing the user to push back on the flange and get a 1/4” extra room. Now, a gasket can fit on both ends easily. Once the meter is in full position, the oval flange can be put back into place to return the valve into its original position. The flip down spacer verifies that the oval flange is in its standard position.

Modifying an existing product and giving it just that 1/4” of adjustability has a significant impact on users out in the field installing and replacing meter setters, making the Telescoping Meter Flange unlike anything else on the market. While some ideas seem too far-fetched or out of the box to bring to life, our Innovation Center proves the industry wrong time and time again through the creation of such problem-solving solutions.

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