You Spoke. We Listened.

It is no secret that A.Y. McDonald continues to thrive due to the commitment we have made to the customer – and their commitment to us. Fulfilling this mindset means not only listening to their needs but acting upon them as well. Therefore, when customers and end users kept hinting at a product upgrade they’ve been wanting, it was only a matter of time until we were able to deliver – and 2019 is the perfect time to do so!

Submersible pumps are one of the most popular types of pumps used for private well systems, light commercial, and irrigation applications. Due to their high demand, A.Y. McDonald carries a full line of submersibles and every component that drives the pump. This would include the pump end, motor, and control box.

The motor is not only what drives the submersible pump but the horsepower of this component, matched with the pump, also determines the pressure and gallons per minute provided by the well system. Knowing the vast impact that the motor has on the submersible pump, A.Y. McDonald customers and end users have been informing us in recent years that they wanted more in regards to our submersible motors because they knew we were capable of offering it. This became very evident at our most recent Pump Innovation Summit where customers told us directly that we should have our own motor. Well the Boss has spoken and we have answered.

A.Y. McDonald has launched our own 4", 6", 8", and 10" submersible motors, which became available for purchase starting January 1, 2019. These motors are manufactured in Italy to our specifications in a facility that has been manufacturing encapsulated submersible pump motors for over twenty-five years. Our offering will also include A.Y. McDonald control boxes. This change will allow us to deliver our best-in-class customer service, offer a competitive world class submersible motor, and provide a warranty from a company you both know and trust.

By launching a whole new line of products, we recognized the fact that our customers will need us to be experts on the topic. Therefore, A.Y. McDonald’s customer service and sales team have spent countless hours being able to position themselves as motor experts. Some of this knowledge has been shared through A.Y. McDonald University (AYU) with multiple courses on the subject, such as the following:

Family, quality, history, and trust. A lot of words and emotions come to mind when you think of a brand that you’re really familiar with. After 163+ years of providing parts that aid in the journey of getting water from point A to point B, the industry knows the quality products and services they’re receiving when they see our name or logo on a product – and the same can now be said about the new A.Y. McDonald submersible motors!